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Fishing Lure Hook Cover Wrap Guard

With Exciting New Colors 

Child & Pet Safe

Voted Best Gift for Anglers 5 Years Running 

A Must Have For Every Angler

What is a Snag Stop...

A Snag Stop is a way to protect those sharp hooks on our poles or tip ups from getting snagged on things around us or the kids or our pets. A Snag Stop is a 2" ball that rolls open to place the hook, treble hooks, and jigs in while they are on our poles. Some people call the hook guards, lure covers, lure wraps, hook guards, and even lure wraps. Any hook with a diameter of 2" or less will fit in it. These are the easiest to use and like no other, these will lock shut. This feature makes them pet safe and child safe. No longer snag things in your car or boat or the dock you fish from. The best way to keep the hooks sharp and rust free while not in use without having to remove them from your poles.

How To Use:

Take a Snag Stop with one hand....Roll open....Place hook inside (if lure has multiple hooks use one Snaag stop per Hook)... roll shut until you hear it click....Use top of Snag Stop to attach to one of 4 places to create tension for ease of transporting your poles. You can safely attach to the following...1 the fishing line to 2 a hook catch 3 eye lid on pole, the cross bar on the fishing reel.

Why do people like them....

Less time untangling gear and snags and more time fishing

You don't snag the inside of their cars and SUVs anymore.

You don't snag the trees or brush you are hiking past

You don't snag or damage the upholstery or carpet in the boat

When you go fishing with the kids you don't have to worry about the sharp hooks sticking them

The don't have to worry about the family pets wagging tail or curious nose getting stuck

You don't have to waist time untangling all the loose lines and tangled hooks just to go fishing

How much does it coast for a trip to an ER or Vet to remove hooks and Lures

Keeps hooks sharp and rust free regardless if you fresh water or salt water fish

Where do we ship

We ship everywhere in the world but the shipping rates posted are based on USPS reg mail. Any other service will have different fees

We designed  these to help anglers of all ages and skills to keep themselves safe from those sharp hooks and to protect those lure and hooks from the anglers using them.

     Think about how much you spent for that lure? That custom pole or that fishing line. How much will it cost to fix the rips and tears in your boat seats or carpet? How much will it cost to replace snagged coats or shirts or hoodies from rips from hooks? Gues how much it cost for a trip to the ER or to find an ER Vet? How many people don't fish because they are scared of the hooks? How much do you use to put all the lures on all those poles and then remove the all when you could have just used a Snag Stop or two.

     Designed to fit the small jigs used for pan fishing jigs and lures, ice fishing set ups, Tip Ups and rattle reels, Bass fishing lures, walleye rigs, Trout or Salmon or Pike. Even my saltwater friends like them for all the lures and set ups they use. So many ways to use them and yet so many anglers have no clue these even exist. 

We know if you try them you will love them and wished you started using them years ago.